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Your Brand Designs in 4 Steps!

The Arob Design Brand Identity Plan is how we deliver you marvelous brand designs that will get you results.


We will begin the onboarding process and get the necessary information together that will be used for your brand logo. This is when you can provide any concepts, sketches, and thoughts that you have for your logo.

Design concepts

We will go over ideas for your new logo. Then use that to design several concepts. You will be able to preview multiple concepts to make revisions or edits.

Refine final concept

After receiving approval of a concept, we will begin refining and finalizing the design. This is when we turn the design of your logo concept it a vector logo that's ready to your brands needs.

Deliver Files

The time you've been waiting on is here! After refining your logo to your satisfaction we will begin to create the necessary files upon your approval. Then we will email the files to you.

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